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tires and brakes

Tire Rotation

To avoid uneven tire wear it’s necessary to rotate your tires regularly. Depending on how you drive, it is recommended to rotate your tires between 5,000 miles to 8,000 miles. Rotating your tires is not only to prevent accidents, but it also wears down your tires at the same rate making purchasing tires less of a hassle. Handling will be more balanced, your vehicle will get better gas mileage and ultimately equates to a smoother ride.


Brakes Service

Replacing brake pads is a straightforward job, and need to be replaced periodically. What about brake rotors? They’re a more serious repair but no less important to replace when needed. In total, there are four brake rotors. Rotors may need to be replaced anywhere from 15,000 to 70,000 miles. Here are some signs your vehicle is ready for new brake rotors.


Shaking When You Brake

This can be a sign of failing rotors. It could mean the brake pads are having a problem meeting the rotors. Any unusual vibrating while braking should be looked at.


Noisy Brakes

Sounds don’t always correlate to bad rotors, however, It may be a possibility. Squealing accompanies a warped rotor, while worn-out rotors are more likely to produce a scraping sound. The problem may be the brake pads, which need to be replaced. For that reason, you must take it into a Specialist at Autowerkes.

Rotors are too Thin

If you suspect that your rotors are worn enough to be replaced, have one of our technicians measure their thickness. This is done with a micrometer across the center of the rotor. This is an essential part in the safety and care of your vehicle and worth the investment.

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