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Today a check engine light illuminates when there is a malfunction in the emission system that exceeds federal limits by a factor of 1.5. To the driver, nothing is different during vehicle operation except that the check engine light is on. However, a bad misfire condition will cause the check engine light to flash.

Autowerkes in Huntington Beach have been diagnosing and repairing check engine light faults on Porsche, BMW and Mercedes vehicles for customers living or working in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Newport Beach, Seal Beach and surrounding Orange County cities. Our recurrent training policy produces customer satisfaction that is superior. Our technicians, shop foreman, and owner attend BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes training each year. Continuing education for our technicians is required to keep current with computer technology, model changes, new and updated system familiarization and accessory system operation.

Cooling System Services 

The cooling system is composed of numerous passages inside the engine block and heads, a water pump to circulate the coolant, a radiator to cool the coolant, a thermostat to measure the temperature of the coolant, a radiator cap to regulate the pressure in the system, hoses to transport the coolant from the engine to radiator. It also stores the car’s heater system where the hot coolant is used to warm up the vehicle on a cold day.

Radiator Repair

At our shop in Huntington Beach, we always perform an initial test drive to experience the customers’ complaint and again test drive the vehicle after all repairs to confirm a successful drivability repair. One of our diagnostic computers is connected to the vehicle during these test drives to monitor engine or other systems operation and data stream. Since 1980 these procedures have produced results that create total customer satisfaction for our loyal clients.

Belt Replacement

The Serpentine Belt is a vital piece in your engine. It contributes to the operation of the alternator, water pump, power steering pump and air conditioning compressor. If your serpentine belt breaks, these systems will shut down causing your vehicle to overheat. A sign that indicates the belt may need replacing is an unusual sound or shriek from the engine caused by a split or worn out belt. The Technicians at Autowerkes inspect the belt for any damage.


Stop by for a free personal consultation or call us and we can give you additional details if your vehicle has a check engine light on or has any other drivability concern. We are open Monday thru Friday and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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